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Amity TPU assisted in the manufacture of leather tiger to achieve comprehensive protection!

The leather tiger, another name for the organ-type protective cover. It is mainly used to protect various machines and equipment from the interference of unfavorable external factors and provide practical protection for the whole machine. With the increase in protection requirements, the market has also put forward more stringent requirements on the performance of the raw materials of the protective cover.

The TPU material produced by Amity has superior performance, to create “leather tiger” with double protection performance, to provide comprehensive protection for machinery and equipment.

In addition to the excellent physical and mechanical properties of Amity TPU material, its tensile strength and abrasion resistance are better than TPE, EVA, PP and other materials; the products have passed FDA, EU directive 10/2011, NSF61 and other various materials international food (or drinking water) level certification, full of environmental protection performance; and waterproof and oil resistance, fully meet the different needs of the protection system in different application fields such as medical, food, and industry.

Besides, Amity TPU material also has the characteristics of light weight and high flexibility, which meets the organ design and provides customers with small compression and long-stroke protective cover products to realize the portable design of the product.