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Amity and world-renowned medical brand Arjo to develop in-depth cooperation

In September,whom is Arjo Asia Pacific region’s purchasing director named  Michael,visited Sijia group with Arjo team to discuss matters such as further deepening cooperation, developing and promoting new projects,etc., and conducted factory audit of Amity.

During the factory audit, the auditor will conduct a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of Amity TPU material production technology, quality control, and quality assurance system. In order to ensure the one-time pass of the factory audit, all departments of the Group actively cooperated and perfected in strict accordance with the audit requirements. In the end, Amity successfully passed the factory audit on September 29thand signed a new order of 2020 new season with Arjo.

Amity has been committed to the performance development and application field expansion of TPU material series products. The TPU materials have passed FDA, EU directive 10/2011, NSF61 and other international food-grade standards, which are safer and more Eco-friendly than other common materials, and with high anti-mildew and antibacterial coefficient. So it is suitable for the production of medical mattresses and other products. Prior to this, Amity TPU material has been fully used in the manufacture of Arjo medical mattresses to jointly create healthy, safe, ergonomic medical supplies for our customers and provide safe and comfortable services. And with the efforts of the technical team, Amity TPU material broke through the previous limit brittleness temperature of -40°C, advanced to -70°C, leading most TPU material

In the future,Amity will continue to strengthen the co-operation with Arjo to jointly create a better future.