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Recently, Fujian Provincial Government has commended and rewarded 192 projects that have won the Fujian Science and Technology Award. Among them, Fujian Amity New Materials Co.,Ltd. Participated in the "High-performance functional TPU/PET fiber composite key technology research and development and industrialization" . The project won the first prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award.


This award-winning project uses polyester (PET) fiber mesh as the main raw material. After special processing, a TPU film/polyamide with good flame retardant, self-cleaning function, tensile strength, tear strength and other characteristics are developed. To a certain extent, ester fiber warp-knitted base fabric composite materials can replace imported products, fill the domestic gap, and promote the upgrading and adjustment of upstream and downstream industrial structures.


Amity will continue to improve the technical strength, actively carry out the application of scientific and technological projects, strive to achieve better result, and promote the enterprise to develop faster, better and more stable.